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Nosy Iranja, Madagascar


The 5th biggest island in the world hosts around 20% of African coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. This is why, appart from our founder's story, Koraï is implemented in Madagascar. In the North-West a group of islands where we are growing corals, we have opened an edutainment aquarium where we raise awareness and mangrove forest that we plant. 

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Raising awareness.

Come and visit the first edutainment aquarium of Madagascar and the very first nursery of Koraï network. Here, we grow corals in order to replant them in the sea and bring back our marine biodiversity. 

Take part in the regeneration.

Tourism brings a complementary revenue to our nurseries, allowing us to grow and replant corals in the region of Nosy Be. Dive into our project by visiting!  

Visit our nursery.

Standard price is AR 20,000.

Discount price is AR 2,000.

Book a group special tour.

Special tours for pupils or group of tourists.

Tailor-made trips.

Let's create the best edutainment experience!

Come and visit us!



Sur la route de chez Lydie


+261 38 41 154 42

Opening Hours

Tue - Sun


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


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