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Who are we?

Koraï is the embodiment of a new generation of climate positive companies, who switched the business model of a former family coral farm to a nature-based solution builder with one goal: regenerate marine ecosystems of coastal Africa.

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Our story.

"I was born and raised in Madagascar before moving to France at the age of 17 to pursue my studies and then my professional career. I knew I'd be an entrepreneur from the start, having been born into a family of entrepreneurs. It was the contrast between the French and Malagasy economies, and more broadly between the average standard of living in Europe and Africa, that made me realize I had a role to play. 

But it was my family history that led me to launch Koraï specifically. When my father died suddenly in 2020, my three brothers and I took over the coral farm whose main activity was breeding for export. In creating Koraï, I wanted to align my desire to regenerate marine biodiversity with the CSR needs of international companies."

Jeimila DONTY

Founder of Koraï


Our ecosystem.

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