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Bring life back in our oceans with your company.

Our vision.

50% of the world GDP is produced thanks to nature. Yet, we, humans, have always considered biodiversity as somtehing out of our global economy. 
We believe in a new business model, where biodiversity has its place in every company's P&L. 


Our mission.

We want to bring the private sector in the race against marine biodiversity loss. We help companies engage in marine ecosystems regeneration, helping them reduce their biodiversity and carbon footprints. 

Your opportunity to act.

Become a regenerative company, by taking action now!

Let's bring life back in our oceans.

Take action.

Is your company looking for a real positive impact on marine biodiversity? 

You are in the right place. Let's build together the best plan to restore African coastal ecosystems.


Blue Carbon program.

Let's grow mangrove in protected areas and contribute to the storage of carbon.


Biodiversity program.

Let's grow more resilient coral species in marine protected areas to bring biodiversity back.

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Awareness program.

Let's organize awareness programs for your employees and for local communities. 

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You have specific needs? 

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