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Bring life back in our oceans with your company.

Our mission.

With a network of standardized nurseries, we aim to restore mangroves, seagrass and corals across Africa. Why? 

  • Because African coastal communities are not well aware

Coastal communities with low access to information and education are not aware of the causes and the size of a disaster directly impacting their lives. 

  • Not enough marine areas are protected around Africa

IAt the biodiversity COP 15 2022, presidents of African countries declared aiming for "30% of earthly and marine protected areas " by 2030 (vs 71% of mangrove areas are protected in France for instance).


  • Restoration projects are too few compared to other continents

Except form Kenya and South Africa, African countries seem to be late in terms of marine restoration and mostly coral conservation, whereas it is well advanced in Australia, Southern-Asia and America.

Our solution.



With standardized coral nurseries and restoration processes.



To help corals survive through the raise of Earth temperature.



Helping governments and NGOs protect marine areas.


Raise awarness.

By making nurseries a place to visit and by organizing events.

Take action.

Is your company looking for a real positive impact on marine ecosystems and biodiversity? 

You are in the right place. Let's build together the best plan to restore African coastal ecosystems.


Carbon offsetting.

Our standardized nurseries grow mangrove and seagrass. Buy our carbon credits and participate in their restoration.


CSR plans for biodiversity.

Grow corals and super corals with us through a tailor-made CSG plan, and measure the impact of your participation.

Plongée en apnée


The nurseries are opened to visits: tourists can learn about the area's marine biodiversity and even participate to restoration.

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